Club Etiquette

Table tennis is many things for those of us who play at the club: For some it’s a little exercise, for some, primarily a social interaction, and for others a serious competitive sport. A common etiquette will allow all of us the experience of enjoying our time safely and cooperatively.

  1. We are first and foremost, guests of the Boys and Girls Club. Employees of the B&G along with the children they care for are out hosts. Extra attention should be paid to keeping the facility clean, including the bathrooms. It is our responsibility.
  2. All members should assist in the setting up, taking down, cleaning and maintenance of equipment and our facility. If you arrive late or leave early, try to help out by mopping dusty floors or asking the Equipment Manager what you can do to help. If you are leaving the gym early and tables are not being played on, please take them down and pack the nets away.
  3. If you must pass through a court while play is on, wait until the point is over, then move through as quickly as possible to avoid interrupting the flow of the match.
  4. Loud and intrusive noises can upset the concentration of those playing matches. Please avoid creating distractions by walking behind or near players involved in a game. Stay as far from the playing area as possible.
  5. If a ball from your table rolls onto someone else’s area, do not pursue it or interrupt. Wait until the players end the point, and then ask for the ball to be returned or if it’s nearby, retrieve it yourself. Trying to grab your ball near an engaged player is distracting and dangerous.
  6. If a ball rolls onto your court, call a ‘let’ retrieve and return the ball so other players do not have to cross other people’s playing areas.
  7. If you are wanting a match, you can lean your paddle up against the middle leg of the table. That will indicate that you are ‘next up’ and may play the winner. If there is more than one person waiting, line the paddles from left to right in order.
  8. When a match is over, the winner will play the next in line, or give up the table. If a person wins three matches in a row and more than one person is waiting, they will give up the table. If two people are practicing, but not playing a match, then they can practice for a maximum of ten minutes then give up the table to waiting players.
  9. If you sweat, ask the Equipment Manager for cleaning materials and please towel down your table before leaving.
  10. If you borrow club equipment such as paddles and balls, clean them and store them properly back where they came from.