By-Laws of the Big Island Table Tennis Association


ARTICLE 1              MISSION


            The Big Island Table Tennis Association (BITTA) is an unincorporated non-profit association or club.  The purpose of BITTA is to promote table tennis as a wholesome form of physical activity and public recreation through cooperation with individuals, school and church groups, commercial and service organizations through demonstrations, instruction and special events.  The club is affiliated with USA Table Tennis.



  1.  Member

    a)      Subject to the consent and approval of the Board, any person desiring to take part actively and regularly in the Club activities and who agrees to abide by these bylaws and who pays prescribed dues and assessments shall be deemed a member.

    b)      Membership shall terminate once a person voluntary resigns from the Club or when after sufficient warning and notice, the Board shall find one or more of the following causes:  Violation or disregard of these bylaws or a decision of the Board, failure to pay fees or dues, failure to conform to or harmonize with the activities, purpose and standards of the Club, confrontation with other members.

    c)      The Board will keep a record containing contact information of each member.  Termination of membership of any member shall be recorded along with the date and reason for termination.

    d)     Once terminated, a member may be reinstated.  Where termination was voluntary, reinstatement shall occur upon request.  Credit of any dues previously paid shall be allowed upon consent and approval of the Board.  Where termination was for cause, reinstatement shall be conditional upon approval by the Board and any such requirements as may be imposed.

    e)      Members are expected to attend general meetings and to volunteer and assist in BITTA activities.

    f)       Dues and fees shall be established by the Board and may be modified by the Board at any time.  A due schedule will be published by the Board and distributed to members.

    g)      Dues for new members shall be prorated on a monthly basis.

    h)      Dues are non-refundable except when membership is cancelled by the Board and shall be prorated on a monthly basis.

    i)        There shall be no limit on the number of members BITTA may admit.

    j)        Only members in good standing may have use of the BITTA logo and trade name.

    k)      Contact information for members shall not be used in whole or part for any purpose not reasonably related to a member’s interest as a BITTA member.

    l)        Members shall not send group e-mails to the general membership without specific permission from the Board, but may request the Secretary send out a group e-mail to all members.

    m)    Members age 16 and over have voting rights at BITTA meetings and are allotted one vote per member.

    n)      Members shall act with honesty and integrity in all practices including properly representing BITTA.

    o)      A member of BITTA is not, as such, personally liable for the debts, liabilities, or   obligations of this club.


  2. Honorary Membership

a)      An honorary member of BITTA is defined as dignitaries and visitors of all ages.

b)      There shall be no membership fee for honorary members unless specifically called for by the BITTA Board.

c)      Honorary members shall have all the right to participate in all BITTA activities, and to attend but not vote at general membership meetings.

d)     Honorary members shall be designated by the BITTA Board.  Honorary membership shall be terminated at the pleasure of the BITTA Board.



ARTICLE 3              MEETINGS


a)      Each September or October, after due notice to all persons who were members the preceding August 31, there shall be held the annual general membership meeting at a time and place to be determined by the Board.

b)      The BITTA Chairperson or in an absence the Vice Chairperson or other Board member shall preside over BITTA membership meetings.

c)      Any matter of general or proper concern of the Club, its membership, welfare, standards, activities or procedures may be presented for consideration and vote.

d)     The members, according to procedure as may be agreeable to them, shall elect members to serve on the BITTA Board for a term ending the following year at the annual membership meeting.

e)      Except as is herein provided, a simple majority of voting members present shall determine any question.

f)       Except as is herein provided or is otherwise agreeable, “Robert’s Rules of Order” will govern the meeting.

g)      Any decision duly reached shall be binding on the Club and shall not be reversible except upon subsequent consideration and majority vote of members at a membership meeting.

h)      A quorum shall consist of at least seven members or 30% of the membership, whichever is less. 

i)        Upon request of the Board or upon written request of any seven members (or 30% of membership whichever is less), a special membership meeting shall be held in a timely manner following due notice to all members from the Board of the time and place.  Only those matters shall be voted upon as are set forth in the notice to members.  To the extent not inconsistent, the procedures governing the annual meeting shall be applicable to a special meeting.



ARTICLE 4              BITTA BOARD


a)      There shall be a BITTA Board of Directors that consists of five members:  Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer & Membership. 

b)      Subject to the authority and limitations in the bylaws, the Board shall be the administrative and judicial authority of the Club.  It shall endeavor to accomplish the will and purpose for the Club as a whole.

c)      Any member over age 16 shall be eligible to serve on the Board.

d)     A Board member may resign at any time or may be dismissed should the Board find one or more of the following causes:  1.  Failure to competently perform the duties and responsibilities of the office.  2.  Failure to attend Board meetings with a reasonable regularity.  3.  Conduct or action which would serve as ground for dismissal from BITTA.

e)      The Board will fill any Board vacancies from eligible club members as soon as practical.

f)       The Board shall meet upon call of the Chairperson or the request of any three Board members following notice to each Board member.  Such notice may be waived upon consent of four Board members.

g)      Three Board members present shall constitute a quorum.

h)      Votes will be decided by a simple majority.

i)        Board meetings shall be conducted informally except that upon demand of the Chairperson or any two Board members, Robert’s “Rules of Order” shall be used as applicable.

j)        Upon request of one Board member, minutes of any meeting or portion of a meeting shall be taken.  Minutes shall indicate place, time, meeting purpose, names present and votes cast.

k)      The BITTA Board may appoint any willing member or Board member to perform any task or to serve in any capacity, as it may reasonable deem desirable.

l)        No Board member shall benefit monetarily, materially or otherwise gain means of self-promotion from their Board position.

m)    Board members must recuse themselves from any vote where they might gain monetarily, materially or otherwise might gain means of self-promotion from the outcome of the vote.

n)      No Board member shall incur liability for any loss or injury to a member, player, visitor or other person.

o)      Board meetings are open to any member except as the Board, without dissenting vote, resolves into executive session.

p)      Except for specific rights conferred to members, any provision of these bylaws may be temporarily suspended upon consent and approval of four Board members.

q)      May impose a fine for any destruction or damage to, or misuse of, club property.

r)       Board members shall not be personally liable for debts, liabilities, or other obligations of BITTA.




a)       Chairperson:  Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Club and shall be the principal representative or appoint the principal representative for meetings or negotiations to which the club might be a party.  The Chairperson shall be responsible for effectuating all provisions of these bylaws.

1.      In an emergency and upon advice and consent of two additional Board members, the Chairperson without delay may take any action, or render any decision, consistent with these bylaws which he/she may deem immediately necessary to further the club’s interest.  This action is subject to subsequent review and ratification by the Board (or Club membership it so required).


b)       Vice Chairperson:  Shall serve as the Chairperson in his/her absence, ensuring the satisfactory completion of all duties of the Chairperson.

1.      Assist the Chairperson in his/her responsibilities for effectuating all provisions of these bylaws.


c)      Treasurer:  Responsible to maintain accurate financial records of BITTA, the collection and deposit of all items of income or gifts to the club, payment of club bills in a timely manner, establishing and maintaining a savings and/or checking account in a local bank branch, establish and submit a budget (including any due/fee recommendations) for Board approval.


d)     Secretary:  Maintain an accurate record containing contact information of each member.  The Secretary shall be responsible for distributing group e-mails/information to club members, maintaining club records for meeting minutes and any league & tournament records/results.

1.      Assist the Chairperson in his/her responsibilities for effectuating all provisions of these bylaws.


e)      Membership:  Maintain an accurate record of club membership including contact information of each member.  Shall also maintain a record of any members who have had their membership terminated along with the date and reason for termination.  Assist the Treasurer in the collection of dues/fees.

1.      Assist the Chairperson in his/her responsibilities for effectuating all provisions of these bylaws.





a)      Any member may present a complaint to the Board.  The member is to put the complaint in writing.  The Board will have ten days to respond to the complainant in writing.  If applicable, the complaint and response will be shared with all members.

b)      The Board will present any complaints to members in writing.  If necessary, the Board may meet in private to discuss the complaint.  All complaints to members are to be kept private and confidential except when all parties agree to share the complaint/response or when the member goes public with the complaint.





a)      These bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new bylaws adopted at the annual membership meeting or at a special membership meeting called for this purpose upon not less than a ten day notice.  A 2/3 vote of members present is required for passage.





a)      In the event the Big Island Table Tennis Association ceases to operate, the Board shall sell off or donate its tables and equipment to a charity.  Any club funds or money remaining or received from the sale of assets will be donated to a charity or charities as approved by the Board.


Published:  October 2009